Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

At Dutch Language Centre, we work according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. This way you as a client can be sure that your employee will receive the best possible training. The European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an instrument used to describe the level of proficiency of a person in a foreign language. In Europe the European Framework of Reference for Languages is used in foreign language education.

The levels

The language proficiency is classified from beginner to near native speaker:

A1 + A2: basic users of the language. They are not yet able to manage their language skills independently.

B1 + B2: Independent language users. They can manage on their own in the new language.

C1 + C2: proficient users. They speak the language with great ease.

Would you like to know exactly what someone’s skills are at levels A1 to C2? Language levels ERK (PDF).

Continuous process

The CERF is a practical tool to simplify the practice of teaching and learning. Language skills develop gradually and strengths and weaknesses in learning a new language vary from person to person. For example, one student may be a fluent speaker from the start. Another may speak slowly and still search for the right sentence structure. Both students have the same level, but deal with the newly acquired language differently.

Level assessment

In order to tailor our courses to the wishes and needs of your employees. We assess the participants entry level according to the CERF prior to the course. This enables us to make an accurate estimate of the time needed to achieve the learning objectives.

Want to know more about our approach? Have look at our page Our approach.

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