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Are you looking for a training course in Dutch writing skills for your non-native employees? Dutch Language Centre organises Dutch writing skills courses for your foreign colleagues. The courses are custom-made and adapted to the level of the participants.

Our Dutch Writing Skills course is suited for students who have an excellent command of Dutch, but who have difficulty in writing formal texts. Topics such as proper spelling and grammar grammar or clear phrasing. In everyday work this can cause problems when writing reports or emails to colleagues and customers.

A training course in Writing Skills in Dutch will help your foreign employees put the finishing touches to their work. In our course students learn to recognise and avoid common stumbling blocks in the area of grammar, spelling and style. Next to that students learn how to organise a text at sentence and paragraph level and how to vary vocabulary and language use.

Content Dutch Writing Skills

During our training the participants learn to formulate more accurately, to hit the ‘right tone’. In short, to write texts that are clear, efficient and appropriate. Here are some of the topics students focus on
during the course:

  • fluent and reader-oriented writing
  • common spelling mistakes
  • Spelling
  • punctuation
  • correction techniques

We pay specific attention to writing reports or minutes that fit your function and company. Our goal: to make your employees write with more self-confidence.

Custom made

The language training is adapted to the environment in which you work. Texts written by your employee at work also serve as a basis for writing assignments. Improving writing skills means a lot of practice. The average time of homework is about two to three hours weekly.


All through the course we monitor the efficiency and continuity of our lessons.
This way we stay on top of things and can adjust when necessary. At the end of the course, the client receives a written final evaluation about the results, sufficient self-reliance or whether a follow-up course is desirable.


You will receive a free offer with a clear course description and price quotation before the start of each course. We take into account the work schedule of the students. On the page Rates you will find a overview of the costs for a standard course.

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