Incompany course Advanced Dutch

Our course Advanced Dutch B1 and B2 is meant for non-native employees who master the basic level of Dutch, but who would like to take the next step towards a more advanced level. Your foreign employees will learn to speak Dutch better and feel more confident when talking Dutch privately and in the workplace.

Advanced Dutch B1

What do students learn in a course Advanced Dutch B1? They practice conversations in situations that occur in the workplace and in daily life. The participants expand their vocabulary and practise daily recurring, practical situations with the focus on good speaking skills.

Here are a few examples of language skills students learn:

  • writing letters and emails
  • giving instructions
  • discussing topics, events
  • talking about ambitions and future plans
  • giving reasons and explanations

Advanced Dutch B2

In our course Advanced Dutch B2 participants practice conversations in situations that occur in education, in the workplace as well as in daily life.
Participants practice their writing, expand their vocabulary and perfect
their grammar 

Here are a few examples of language skills students learn:

  • giving and following presentations
  • basic conventions of business reports
  • negotiate
  • describing statistical figures
  • understanding key points of current affairs in the media

European Framework of Reference for Languages

The language training concludes with an assessment. If the result is satisfactory, the participants receive a certificate. The certificate states the final level achieved in terms of the European Framework of Reference of Languages.

Would you like to know what a person’s skills are from the beginner A1 to C2 level? Click on the link for an overview of the language skills at all levels according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. European Framework of Reference for Languages


All through the course we monitor the efficiency and continuity. This way we stay on top of things and can adjust when necessary. Upon comlpeetion of the training the client receives a written final evaluation clarifies whether sufficient self-efficacy has been achieved or whether a follow-up course is desirable.


You will receive a free offer with a clear course description before the start of each course. Taking in account the level of the participants and their work environment. Curious about the cost of our standard training courses? See the overview on the page Tarieven.

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