NT2 State Exam training

Do you employ employees who are interested in taking the official state examination in Dutch as a second language? A state examination NT2 diploma in Dutch demonstrates that you have sufficient command of the Dutch language to work or earn a degree at higher vocational MBO level – B1 or university level – B2. The exam proves that your command of Dutch is sufficient enough to work in a Dutch language enviroment. Students who pass the state examination NT2 (B1 or B2) are exempt from civic integration requirements.

Our state examination NT2 program maximizes the students chance of success considerably. As the course focuses only on how to get the highest score possible a sufficient level of Dutch is required to enter this course.

The course can be followed in-company or online. Dutch Language Centre adapts the lesson days and times to the work schedule of your staff member(s).

Course outline NT2 State Exam

The grammar requirements are the same for both programmes, B1 as well as B2. The difference between the two lies in the type of texts and assignments. The texts used for the B2 examinationare more substantive.

Practicing for the state examination NT2 exam consists of:

  • learning strategies
  • practising with sample exams
  • practising with the time limits of the exam
  • practical tips for each section of the exam
  • information on the application procedure
  • personal qualities

Participants learn which way of answering gives the best results. Preparing for the state examination NT2 gives students a clear idea of what is expected of them during the exam in terms of content, form and level. Homework is an essential part of the training.


You will receive a free offer with a clear course description and price quotation before the start of each course. We discuss which parts of the state NT2 exam someone wants to practise on. Students make an entry test to assess their entry level.


You will receive a free offer with a clear course description before the start of each course. We take into account the level of the participants and their work schedule. On the page Rates you will find a overview of the costs for a standard NT2 State Exam training.

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