Dutch in the workplace

Dutch Language Centre organises in-company courses Dutch in the workplace. For non-native speaking employees and for employees who are new to the Netherlands. The course is also suited for employees who have lived in the Netherlands for some time and have difficulty communicating without misunderstandings at the workplace. An in-company training course Dutch on the shop floor is a customised course with a focus on practice.

Whether you are an ICT consultant or a production worker, communication is important in every sector. At their workplace employees must be able to communicate in Dutch with colleagues, their superiors, but sometimes also with customers. In our course Dutch in the workplace employees learn to communicate better with colleagues and customers. As a result they work more independently and their career opportunities increase.

What do your employees learn?

In our in-company training Dutch on the shop floor we ensure that your employee functions more independently and takes more responsibility on the shop floor. In order to maximise the return on investment we also involve the managers in the training so that the participants can practice Dutch at work.

Examples of topics participants focus on during the course:

  • understand and / or pass on work instructions
  • ask for an explanation if you don’t understand something
  • understand regulations and protocols
  • hospitality

Experience-based learning

In order to learn to speak and understand Dutch well non-native speaking employees need each other and their Dutch colleagues. Together they determine success. Managers who help their employees learn by experience increase the efficiency of the training. Applying new knowledge and skills in the form of an exercise on the shop floor is a very effective way of learning.


Before the start of the course we dicuss with the client the desired learning goals and outcome of the course. After that every employee will be interviewed to determine their entry level. In this way we adapt the training to the daily practice in the workplace and to needs of your employees


All through the course we monitor the efficiency and continuity of our lessons. This way we stay on top of things and can adjust when necessary. At the end of the course, the client receives a written final evaluation about the results, sufficient self-reliance or whether a follow-up course is desirable.


You will receive a free offer with a clear course description and price quotation before the start of each course. On the page Rates you will find a overview of the costs for a standard course.

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